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Naren med flera presenterar resultat av strålning från olika trådlösa enheter i artikeln Electromagnetic Radiation due to Cellular, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies: How safe are we?

Artikeln är mycket läsvärd med bra illustrationer om hur olika kroppsdelar exponeras vid användning av trådlösa enheter. Det finns även en kort diskussion om olika risker. Artikeln avslutas med råd hur exponeringen kan minimeras. Artikeln kan fritt laddas ner från nätet. Kort sammanfattning:

“In this work, we determine the radiation concern levels in several scenarios using a handheld radiation meter by correlating the findings with several international standards, which are determined based on thorough scientific evidence. This study also analyzes the EMR from common devices used in day to day life such as smartphones, laptops, Wi-Fi routers, hotspots, wireless earphones, smartwatches, Bluetooth speakers and other wireless accessories using a handheld radio frequency radiation measurement device. The procedure followed in this paper is so presented that it can also be utilized by the general public as a tutorial to evaluate their own safety with respect to EMR exposure. We present a summary of the most prominent health hazards which have been known to occur due to EMR exposure.”


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